Find your voice & make some noise collage

express yourself with joy, charisma and power.

Brilliance comes from the courage to go beyond our perceived limits. We’re here to help you push yours.

Electric Leaders is a community of practice that will give you the skills, awareness and HELL YEAH I CAN DO THIS to use your voice and share your message authentically and with impact.

We focus on competence over confidence, self-expression and expansion over limiting self-beliefs.

You will be championed and seen as your best, most powerful self. You will be held accountable to your goals as you learn to harness the power of your voice.

This is a playground for creative exploration.

We will take out you of your comfort zone, electrify your passion and realign you with your vision. You’ll stand up, stand out, and use your voice as an agent of change.

Together We shine Brighter

We are an inclusive, safe space for anyone who identifies as a woman, trans or non-binary person, who wants to connect with their boldness, harness the power of their voice, and speak out for what they believe in.  

You could be leading a team, business, project, or creating your next masterpiece. So long as you have something that needs to be said, we’ll hear it.  

Practical support to get your message out there

Creative exploration & Self Expression

Connecting you to potential clients that need your unique voice

In addition to this, we always offer two scholarships at every curated paid-for experience for those who aren’t able or ready to make the investment.

Creativity as a force for good

To create a new world, we need to imagine what that world would look like. This takes vision, space, and a belief in our collective power to incite change. 

Our Electric Experiences are tailored to take you beyond your limits into a space of creativity and wonder. We’ll get curious, play with new ideas, and look at ways to use storytelling to unite and galvanise us to action. We’ll explore art as activism.