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TravelMaster were struggling with brand awareness and loyalty, despite being the biggest provider of transport solutions in South Yorkshire. They needed a fresh approach to storytelling with better insight into their audiences, how to reach them and the best way to communicate with them. We supported TravelMaster to build a personality around the brand and turn their customers into loyal brand advocates.

The Impact

Following our research, training and guidance, TravelMaster were empowered to deliver on their company objectives and make more informed decisions as they expand their operations into other regions in the UK.

With their customer insights and research, they now have a reference upon which to base their decisions regarding communications. Our training also provided the expertise required within the team to convert that research into effective B2C communications long-term, and effectively engage their customers.

What places Electric Peach above other agencies is that their strategy is very evidence based, where no one else’s is. It’s really helped us discover where best to put our efforts, using quite limited resources.

John Henshall
General Manager, TravelMaster
Travelmaster social media post examples

TravelMaster came to Electric Peach after they discovered that a large group of their customers purchasing their tickets on buses were not necessarily aware that they were using a TravelMaster product. It was therefore quickly clear to us that brand and product awareness needed improving, as well as their social media strategy.

By reviewing TravelMaster’s marketing output and product promotion, we aimed to clarify their next steps and give them the tools they needed to deliver on a strategy, with an overarching goal to engage customers, promote their brand and product, and shift their customers to more online channels.

We worked with TravelMaster over a six-month period, starting with an extensive customer insights and research phase to better ascertain the most effective ways for them to communicate with their audience and fulfil its needs.

Using these findings as reference, we then developed TravelMaster’s messaging pillars and tone of voice guidelines, and audited all of their existing B2C operations to ensure that all brand and marketing materials were consistent with their vision and values.

This included a full assessment of the company’s external communication channels (website and social media) with recommendations made for improvements, using TravelMaster’s customer-first ethos as a guiding principle throughout.

To provide longevity for the project’s success, we also supported TravelMaster in creating a communications strategy for all their channels, then trained their team to deliver it – providing ongoing social media consultancy and one-to-one team development until they felt confident to continue the project without additional support.

TravelMaster is a commercial organisation owned and operated by transport companies in South Yorkshire. These companies collaborate under the TravelMaster umbrella to deliver some of the most advanced and competitively priced integrated travel tickets in the UK.

The organisation’s independence from any single operator or public sector body allows it to take a genuine customer-first approach, that’s free of external pressures. As a result, TravelMaster’s customers benefit from simplified ways to pay for public transportation in the region, as well as a travel network that’s more accessible and affordable for all.

Our favourite part of the project was getting that feedback from our customers about their ways of communicating. It gave me the most kind of relevant information that I needed to decide how we would then resolve different parts of what we were doing

John Henshall
General Manager, TravelMaster