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mdgroup are leading the way in patient-focused clinical trials, getting life changing products to market faster by putting patients first at every stage of the clinical journey. mdgroup is on a mission to break down barriers to clinical trial participation, attracting patients from diverse backgrounds, which is an essential step towards global health equity.

The Impact


growth in revenue in the past 4 years


increase in LinkedIn traffic YOY

We supported the development of the mdgroup brand to what it is today, taking them from a UK-based clinical events company to a global agency providing a wide range of patient support services and technologies, now working with some of the biggest players in pharma and biotech worldwide.

We’ve helped mdgroup lead the charge in patient centricity, diversity, equality accessibility, and decentralised clinical trials, earning them much-deserved recognition in their industry, supporting them to become an award-winning company, and getting them firmly on the first page of Google for all of their relevant search terms. Our content drives 10,000s visitors to the website and our creative vision has helped mdgroup supports 1,000s patients access lifechanging medicine worldwide.


unique visitors to their website (an increase of 311%)


increase in unique visitors to the website from 2018 to 2021

The Electric Peach leadership team understand our vision, they get what we’re up to and where we want to be and share our growth mindset and passion for innovation. They spend time listening to us and go
above and beyond to understand our ever evolving world and business.

Tarquin Scadding Hunt
Managing Director
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Over five years, we’ve worked with mdgroup to design, position, and launch five sub-brands that span home healthcare, medical distribution, logistics, travel, technology, and specialised patient services.

We act as the group’s brand guardian, supporting their internal teams across all communications. Over the years, we have taken the role of virtual marketing director, have helped them hire and develop their marketing teams, and have written RFPs and sales materials to support million-dollar deals.  This is a unique project, as we have been working with mdgroup for so long and have developed a huge amount of trust; they see us as an extension of their team, and we support them to deliver brand excellence across the board.

The big question:

“How can we make clinical research more accessible, diverse, and patient-focused?”

Why it’s important:

The clinical research industry is crucial in developing cures for diseases and lifelong illnesses.

The key to the swift and effective development of medicines is a successful trial. Unfortunately, the common experience for patients is a lack of accessibility due to a ‘one size fits all’ approach to patient care. Historically, patients have been treated as numbers or ‘subjects’ and not as human beings with complex and varied needs.

Poor patient experience causes high patient dropouts and low recruitment rates. This often leads to incomplete or inconclusive data, causing delays in finding much-needed cures for disease and the waste of millions of dollars.

From mdwebinars and the mdtalk podcast, which included interviews with some of the most influential people in life sciences today, to creating content that brings hundreds of thousands of visitors annually to their website, we have supported mdgroup to increase their revenue by 300% in the five years we have been working with them.

We have also developed their team, training them on social media and community building best practices to amplify their message, and work closely with their sales team to help them represent mdgroup in a range of global conferences and exhibitions.

mdgroup are leading the way in patient-focused trials, getting life changing products to market faster by putting patients first at every stage of the clinical journey. mdgroup listen to the patient and increase accessibility to trials by creating tailored experiences for each patient. From designing and facilitating decentralised and hybrid trials to developing cutting-edge technology that improves the patient experience to white glove patient support 247, mdgroup are making healthcare more accessible to all.

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