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Changing the narrative around addiction and recovery through inspirational stories and insights from experts, those in recovery and those dedicated to discovering the truth about substance use disorders and addiction. Through the Lens of Recovery is on a mission to better understand the social and individual impact of substance use disorders, particularly focusing on alcohol. It is a podcast about hope, resilience, inspiration and triumph in the face of adversity.

The Impact


Through the Lens of Recovery has seven episodes and a reach of over 50,000 people


HORIZON is now teaching across 24 different charitable organisations

To date, Through the Lens of Recovery has seven episodes and a reach of over 50,000 people.

With demonstrable impact on the community, HORIZON were able to receive more funding to support their goals. HORIZON is now teaching across 24 di erent charitable organisations with its combined course.

The process and overall success of the podcast allowed us to build trust with HORIZON, and we have several other projects coming up to support them long-term, including providing social media and marketing training in-house.

It was one of my goals to work with such a vivacious, bold, brave company, with sparkling people. Electric Peach are not just a marketing company – they’re so much more.

Annie Murray
Founder at HORIZON and Edit Sweet
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Horizon needed some support in developing their messaging and opportunities to reach further communities, helping them better position themselves and expand their reach across the UK.

By developing a strategic approach and refining their positioning, we aimed to aid Horizon in gaining greater visibility and connecting with a wider audience, ultimately advancing their mission to support individuals in recovery.

Working closely with Annie, founder of HORIZON, it quickly became clear where her priorities and skills lie, and how we could reach HORIZON’s goals with these in mind.

Inspired by her prior experience in radio, we decided a podcast would serve as the perfect storytelling platform to reach HORIZON’s audience, and would be a natural fit for an organisation that champions the power of media.

Through the Lens of Recovery (TLR) identifies key themes in addiction and recovery by inviting influential people in the conversation to participate as guests.

We knew selecting the right guests for TLR – guests who not only had their own recovery stories to share, but whose stories would be most helpful for the community – would be integral to the podcast’s success. These guests range from Netflix directors to best-selling authors, who kindly agreed to donate their time to share their own stories of recovery.

Alongside sourcing guests, we produced the entire podcast, including researching and scripting episodes, recording, editing, and marketing.

Relapse is unfortunately common among those battling addiction. Statistics show that approximately 40-60% of individuals dealing with substance addiction experience a relapse during their recovery journey.

HORIZON is a film and media training academy in Brighton, which helps people in an addiction recovery programme get their lives back on track. These may be people who also suffer with mental health issues or social issues, or people who simply want to improve their wellbeing through creative film and media.

Through free projects, courses, and peer mentoring in photography, film making, creative-writing, storyboarding and editing, HORIZON shows that a happy and sustainable recovery is possible. These courses are run by media professionals who have often been through the recovery process themselves, further strengthening its links to the recovery network.

I have spent thousands on organisations, companies, or people that I believed could deliver certain things for me and my business, and they just didn't. Time and time again, disappointment after disappointment.

But I was not disappointed with Electric Peach one bit. Whatever they think of is achievable. I know if they say they’re going to do something, they will deliver it. I'm very thankful.

Annie Murray
Founder at HORIZON and Edit Sweet