Generative Work

We supported GenerativeWork through a complete rebrand, web build, and launch strategy, positioning them with more authority and pazazz so they could better stand out in a crowded coaching market. 

The Impact

Awareness + clarity = inspired action

To create their greatest impact, teams need a new way of working together: focused, energised, collaborative, and able to tackle the complexity of a whole system vision for change. Generative Work came to us with a vision for the future of the workplace. We helped them to create a brand story that captivated the attention of new audiences so they could expand nationally across the UK. Eight months from launch, they are going from strength to strength


"I can 100% recommend Electric Peach for other businesses in the purpose-led sphere. They are living and breathing our shared values in their work."

Sarah James Wright
Founder and Director, Generative Work

GenerativeWork required a brand redesign, market repositioning, launch strategy, and a new website build.

Keeping sustainability as a key consideration, the entire project was done with as low a carbon impact as possible, and we worked closely with a web development company that specialises in building green sites.

We also supported GenerativeWork to launch to a new market, specifically targeting publicly funded organisations and social enterprises.

As always, we started the brand development project with our creative workshop. From here, we worked closely with our design partners to develop a standout brand identity that encapsulated the vision and values of the founder and the purpose of the organisation. The coaching market is saturated, and we knew we had to do something truly unique with the visuals to ensure they were truly visible. We took them through a total rebrand and repositioning, focusing on the purpose behind the brand and the audiences they were looking to impact.

Once the look and feel was complete, we supported them to develop a sustainable website, working closely with our web partner through Studio KICO. We then ensured they had all the strategic direction they needed for a successful launch.

The entire process took about three months and we are pleased to see GenerativeWork has gone from strength to strength.

GenerativeWork is a coaching, consulting, and training business for co-creative teams. They enable teams and leaders to identify areas of ‘stuckness’, restore balance and flow, and increase net positive impact across the entire organisation.