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Experts for Expats

We shone a light on the company’s ethical approach to matching expats with trusted expert advice. Through repositioning their brand and focusing on organic traffic through SEO, we turned them into the go-to source of expert advice for expats worldwide and substantially increased the volume and quality of enquiries that came through the website.

The Impact


introductions to experts increase from 10% to almost 20%


year-on-year increase in organic traffic

With the Experts for Expats branding and purpose now more defined and value-driven, with a website to match, they have been attracting high-quality inquiries and have seen conversion rates from introductions to experts increase from 10% to almost 20%. These figures continue to rise year-on-year.

The company has also seen a 30% increase in organic traffic year-on-year, improved through our amends to add targeted keywords to website copy and a blogging strategy with brand visibility in mind.

The work we’ve done together has helped focus the language, tone, and brand of Experts for Expats which has led to a much clearer and concise message. Working with Electric Peach ensured that the services that my business offers are better explained and led directly to an increase in both revenue and brand awareness.

Robert Hallums
Owner, Experts for Expats
Experts for Expats website on laptop

Experts for Expats’ biggest challenge was their conversion rate for their partners, which meant an increase in introductions was required to generate sustainable revenue. Rather than focus solely on the volume of enquiries, they came to Electric Peach wanting to improve the quality of enquiries, and more effectively match partners to the requirements of their customers.

It was also clear that a shift in their marketing strategy to organic search and social media would be beneficial. Expats are often faced with impersonal customer service when they seek out financial services and help, however we knew from the get-go this didn’t fit with Experts for Expat’s mission. We wanted to shine a light on the company’s ethical approach to helping people, and in turn help them gain what they needed to create suitable connections between their partners and expats in their community.

We established that the focus of the business needed to change from a “free consultation” to “free introduction” model. To support this, we created a more structured, purpose-driven brand identity, which was based on Experts for Expat’s four core values.

From here, we helped to implement the new brand, reworking all communications and building a content and social media strategy to support this. This included developing the messaging around Experts for Expats, and formulating a clear and concise summary of what the service does in a single sentence. Over the four years we’ve worked together, we built the B2C arm of Experts for Expats, bringing in more high-quality leads to be introduced to trusted experts.

To align with these leads, we also built on the company’s B2B relationships with new and existing experts, and created content to support these successful partnerships. This included high-quality guides and video tutorials, as well as an experts area of the site to provide additional value for all partners and improve their brand, visibility, and service for Expert for Expat’s referrals.

Moving abroad can bring up challenges for many individuals, who may need to adapt their financial decisions to the regulations of the country they choose to reside in.

Experts for Expats offers a unique and personalised introduction service that connects expats living abroad with specialists who provide financial and tax advice, as well as other services. The company aims to empower expats to make better financial decisions by facilitating access to professionals who understand the complexities of living abroad.

Since launching in 2012, Experts for Expats has developed a broad network of professionals who share their values of honesty and integrity, and who can offer a range of specialised services to expats, including tax, investment, pensions, insurance, and mortgages. This enables the company to deliver an exceptional customer experience to all expats who utilise their free introductory service.

Electric Peach demonstrated that they understood my business and personal objectives, giving me confidence they would be able to deliver across a range of marketing projects.

Robert Hallums
Owner, Experts for Expats