Circa Box Packaging


Full brand development, positioning and launch of a wellbeing brand on a mission to make the incredible health benefits of adaptogens available and accessible to everyone.

The Impact

CIRCA came to us with a common challenge: how to stand out in a crowded market.

The brand identity was crucial, and they wanted to appeal to an androgynous audience, incorporating elements of nature at every touch point.

The result was a stunning sustainable brand that stood out as unique from competitors and had a successful launch to market.


Circa Brand Guideline document

It’s created opportunities, and has added life, fluidity and energy to my brand, I am very grateful.

Josh Burnett Blake
Co-founder CIRCA
Circa website on iPad, laptop and iMac

CIRCA came to Electric Peach for a complete brand development and market positioning project, which included the visual brand and sustainable packaging.

We took them through our brand development process to identify their purpose, vision, values, and positioning and carried out extensive audience analysis. Working with our design partners at KICO, we created the stunning CIRCA brand you can see here.

We ensured CIRCA had everything it needed to launch into a crowded market and stand out from its competitors. As well as the brand identity and positioning, we created a six month marketing strategy that told the story of the brand.

CIRCA is a powder that contains Cordyceps, Lions Mane, and other adaptogens and shapes your day by helping you deal better with external stressors. Your daily investment will enrich your future as you experience the cumulative effects of nature’s most impactful ingredients.


Circa brand mockups on mobile phone screens