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Creating big business impact while protecting the planet

We believe in business as a force for good.

So we put people and the planet at the heart of everything we do.

We are constantly learning and re-learning how brands can make a positive difference in the world. In addition to crafting impactful brand stories and global campaigns for incredible clients, our team is trained in accessibility, equality, and regenerative business practices. We work with partners who are absolute experts in ESG and social impact too, so when you work with us, you get access to many brilliant brains and a whole lotta heart. 

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Much more than ‘just’
a brand and marketing agency

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We’re a queer, female-owned B Corp and run a social enterprise through our collective, which means walking our talk. Action turns intention into impact, and we’re here to amplify the Rebel Souls who are vocal and disruptive enough to fix the challenges of our lifetime.

If you’ve got a moment to donate, learn, or share, you can find the causes that matter most to our team here. If not, that’s totally fine! Let’s talk about how we can support you instead.

Our rebels with a cause

Sophie Turton profile shot

Sophie Turton

Founder & CEO, Electric Peach
Kelsey Swarbrick profile shot

Kelsey Swarbrick

Head of Impact, Electric Peach
Lucy Freeborn profile shot

Lucy Freeborn

Head of Purpose, Electric Peach
Rachel Gnagniko profile shot

Rachel Gnagniko

Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion Strategy, Amiokaa
Kirsty Denro

Kirsty Denro

Design & Brand, KICO
Adam Bastock profile shot

Adam Bastock

SEO & Sustainable Strategy, Small99
Annie Murray

Annie Murray

Videography & Social Impact, Edit Sweet
Jon Burnett profile shot

Jon Burnett

Website & Design, Toybox Digital
Helen Davis

Helen Davies

Neurodiversity Consultant and Strategist, Practical Wisdom
Lisa Lloyd profile shot

Lisa Lloyd

Team & Change Management, It’s Time for Change
Gina Hollands profile shot

Gina Hollands

Copy & PR, Hollands Associates
Riccardo Sai profile shot

Riccardo Sai

Videography & Story, Storo

Noun / Rebel: A person who resists societal oppression and refuses to be held back and conditioned by outdated ideas, systems and practices.

If you’re a small business leader or one-person tornado trying to do it all, there’s a place here for you.

Through Electric Leaders, we curate Electric Experiences, creative ‘working’ retreats, workshops, and ‘holy moly that was fantastic’ events that electrify your passion and realign you with your purpose and vision.

You will discover your unique voice, articulate your message with power and ease, and become visible as a thought leader in your field. Expand into your own version of brilliant.

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We can, together

This is the home of collaboration, because we’re stronger together.

If your business or skills might be useful to us, just shout! And if you need some help breaking into the industry, perhaps because of awful outdated traditions of unpaid internships and ‘faces that fit’, please please talk to us.

Fresh new moves need fresh new voices, and we’ll always have time to listen to them.